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Ask Allan: "My Employer Wants Me To Get The Vaccine! What Do I Do?"

• Technocracy.News - Allan Stevo

There are millions of employees who will be bullied into taking the unapproved gene therapy shots, many to their own harm and injury. This article provides some useful thoughts on how to prepare and respond. It is also necessary to count the potential cost of resistance; if you meekly comply, then you are complicit in ushering in tyranny and your freedoms are lost. ? TN Editor

Dear Allan, 

Just received the below email from my CEO this morning. So, it looks like the county now is forcing employers to require all staff to be vaccinated. 

"Dear Team Member, 

"With the increasingly rapid rise of new infections and the increasingly rapid increase in hospitalizations due to the scientifically proven, highly contagious, far more lethal Delta variant, counties in our area are recommending employers require ALL staff to be vaccinated

"There are also recommendations regarding requiring tracking, testing, and masking.

"Our team is reviewing this guidance. We are getting feedback and legal advice. We are determining next steps on when and how this will be implemented. Stay tuned for more. We may start with a new tracking app that will be required by all employees on and off the job as a way to stay ahead of compliance recommendations. 

"In the meantime, if you aren't already vaccinated, be sure to get vaccinated (unless otherwise directed by your doctor). Keep wearing masks at work. Even if you are doubly vaccinated, a double mask can't hurt. 

"If you are vaccinated, please always carry with you a picture or a copy of your vaccination certificate. You may be asked to prove your status at any time. Also be sure to send it to HR as well.


I Am A Tool"

Allan, what are my options for not taking the Covid shot? 

-They Are Finally Coming For Me

Thank you for your note.

They've always been coming for you. Now is no different. Take a deep breath. Evil loses battles like these all the time. Just keep your wits about you.

I'd like to point out that you sent a bad policy. It's a press release from a government office. Never, ever, under any circumstances read a press release and consider it the actual policy. If this topic is important enough for you to write me, then make it important enough to call the county and obtain the actual text of the actual policy that this press release is citing. Once you read that policy, you may realize that the press release — and by extrapolation your boss's email — are total mischaracterizations of the actual policy.