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A doctor and patients stand up to medical tyranny

• Colleen Huber, M.D.

I am, at least for now, a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Arizona.  For 14 years, I have offered natural alternative treatments to cancer patients, with remarkably good results and an absence of side effects, documented here.   I show how to duplicate my results here and here.  This is not only my work; it is the purpose of my life. That's it; most years, that's all I do.  Well, that, plus helping others to avoid cancer, as in my first two books.  Everything else I do is supportive of these goals, and they include:

1)      Warning the public about the hazards of masks and lockdowns, mostly in peer-reviewed papers on; and in my latest book, The Defeat Of COVID.

2)      Warning people about the hazards of vaccines, which seem to have been one of several common initiators of my patients' cancers ("never well since").  The most recently marketed and most hazardous of current vaccines is the COVID vaccine, and I actively warn my patients against it, as well as publicly here.

That is my work, but it is also my sin, as all of the above constitute blasphemy against the Church of Pharma, or "Team Regime," as they are coming to be known, and I have been told in many ways over the years, including by NINOs (naturopaths in name only) and cowards, that I should watch my step.

During the last nearly 15 years of practicing medicine, it has been an honor to serve my patients, and I hope to continue for many more years.  No patient nor patient family member has ever complained that I caused them harm.  So in a just world, I would be left alone to continue working with my patients and to continue to warn them about the most dangerous predatory scams by Pharma or any other industry that seeks to expand by generating demand, and then supply, at the expense of human health.

However, in this world, my daily blasphemy against Pharma has led to a 3-year targeted harassment campaign against me by the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board.   Board members could not overtly attack me for speaking out against COVID-pretext tyranny, masks and vaccines, so they chose to attack my patients' chart notes.  I wrote the chart notes, but they belong to the patients, and my patients know that, and have expressed their disapproval of the Board's actions in the following Petition.

If you wanted to maliciously attack a person, and had subpoena power to look at the daily work reports that your prey must produce as part of their job, you could, if you had nothing better to do, argue back and forth to move this word here, and substitute a synonym there, and then spend hours critiquing the charts in general on such frivolous grounds.  You could keep up this game, this blatant violation of the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, ad infinitum - provided you don't get caught - over multiple multi-hour sessions, while at the same time dismissing in one sitting genuine cases in which other naturopathic physicians actually assaulted or recklessly harmed a patient.  That is, if your goal were to cause harm to pharma-skeptic doctors and to our patients.  It so happens that such activity has been the hobby of the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board meetings for at least four of their monthly meetings in 2021 so far.  This shouldn't be surprising.  Each of America's Frontline Doctors have come under harassment by their respective medical boards after beginning to speak out against Team Regime's predatory behavior, and for publicizing safe, effective, low-cost treatments for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID (and of course SARS-CoV-2's nearly identical variants).

Now the problem arises for me in that I have sworn to uphold the following two oaths.

The Geneva Declaration of the World Medical Association states:

"I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties even under threat."

And especially the Hippocratic Oath, which states:

"Primum non nocere; secundum cavere; tertium sanare."

Although only the first part, "First Do No Harm," is commonly considered the entire Hippocratic Oath, the translation of the above is:  "First do no harm; second take precautions; third heal."

Considering all of the Hippocratic Oath, focusing here on the second part, it is my ongoing responsibility to advise of precautions, that is to warn my patients and the public about common harmful influences on health.  I see masks, lockdowns, and especially the COVID vaccine as the most ominous of common and utterly needless threats to the health of most people at this time, so I therefore warn against these relentlessly.   Also, the Geneva Declaration, which medical boards must not seek exemption from, prohibits anyone from grabbing patient chart notes for political game-pieces, and I told them as much in a memo on 6/25/21. 

*     *     *


TO:         [the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board]

CC:         - - - - -

FROM:   Colleen Huber, NMD

DATE:    June 25, 2021

As you know, the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board, herein "the Board," has been derelict in its duty, as described in this memo and the attached Petition, to protect the public, which is the stated mission of the Board, and which the people of Arizona have entrusted to the State for the Board's function. 

As you know, the Board has dismissed, in one session each, multiple cases over the years in which naturopathic physicians have actually assaulted or physically abused or recklessly injured patients, and the Board has treated the injured patients in those cases as if they were not credible.  Much of that evidence is on your audiotapes, and there are witnesses to the same, and I caution you to not destroy, edit or otherwise spoliate any of the Board meeting audiotapes. 

As you also know, in my 14 years of practicing medicine in Arizona, there has been not one patient or patient's family member who alleged harm done by me.  For Dr. - - - - -, that excellent, unblemished record is much longer, 32 years.  Yet it is us whom you choose to harass.

As you also know, Board members are in violation of the US Constitution, particularly as Board members imagine that the Board's jurisdiction can somehow overrule the First and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution, by attempting to install medical tyranny, a centralized authoritarian regime, and/or Board editing of my chart notes.  The US Constitution specifically guarantees the right of free speech to all persons.  No exception to this right exists in the US Constitution or in US law for medical professionals. Nor do we medical professionals allow such infringement.  

In short, all that you and other Board members need to know on that topic is this:  The Board and Board members have and will always have ZERO editorial authority over my chart notes.  I alone decide what I write every day in patient consult, primarily because of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, but also for the following reasons: 1) because the chart notes are written to serve the patients, not to serve you, and 2) the chart notes are legally the patients' property, not yours, and 3) because the chart notes are written up to the standards of my clinic, not lowered to the demands of the Board, and 4) because of two people actually present in the consult, I am the one who takes notes documenting the events of the visit.  No outside party, including the Board or Board members, can or may exert editorial authority over such documentation, and that determination is final.  Furthermore, my rights, as protected by the US Constitution are irrevocable, and no one may infringe on them.  That is made very clear by the law, as well as in the Best Practices Manual on Medical Charting that I authored for our clinic.   No one on the Board will ever violate my First Amendment rights in the authoring of my chart notes, and that is a fact that each of you will have to live with permanently, or until the end of the United States as a Constitutional Republic, whichever comes last.

The policy of this Clinic is to uphold the US Constitution.  Our Clinic's Medical Charting Policy specifically prohibits any interference by any party (in or out of government) with the writing of chart notes as the doctor sees fit.   This Policy is an unshakeable, irreversible, line-in-the-sand bulwark against medical tyranny, and our clinic will not abandon it under any circumstances at any time, for any party, in or out of government, under any pretext.  Those of you on the Board who failed to read the US Constitution, federal and state laws, and failed to grasp basic ethics need to get very clear on that, or a judge will soon explain it to you.  Yes, this memo contains the threat of a lawsuit.  In the attached Petition, my patients explain these basic legal principles to you, because they understand the proper role of the Board quite a bit better than do the members of the Board.

Now I will tell you about a conversation between a patient (PT) and me (ME) on Monday, 6/21/21 at my clinic:

PT: "You and Dr. - - - - - seem to be missing a lot of Thursday afternoons, but that is one of the best times for me to get here.  It's very frustrating."

ME:  "The Naturopathic Medical Board has spent the last three years conducting an unethical and likely illegal harassment campaign against me, accelerating recently.  They keep demanding patient chart notes, and try to nitpick the content and style, because they want me to be quiet about COVID, masks and vaccines, as well as natural cancer treatments as alternatives to chemotherapy, but they won't admit that, and have no patient complaints to go on.  No patient has ever alleged that I harmed them.  So they want to try to make an issue over chart notes, and now they try to drag Dr. - - - - -'s chart notes into it also, because they have nothing else with which to attack, so they demand to see chart notes."

PT:  "Wait, you mean they take OUR chart notes? I am NOT okay with that!"

ME:  "Don't worry.  We've been making sure that every last bit of patient privacy has been redacted out, even date of birth, lab ID numbers, etc., before they leave here."

PT:  "I am still NOT okay with that!  Those are MY medical records, and they are being used for wrong purposes.  As my son says, 'that is NOT working for me.'"

ME:  "You know, I agree with you, and these Board members are violating the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure."

Apparently many of our other patients agree with this patient.  After signatures from only 20 people, because we are after all a small clinic, we are sending this Petition to you.  However, if Board members are still confused about your multiple violations of law, we can allow the Petition to keep circulating and gather more signatures, and we can put it online and expand it to the public, but that may not be necessary, because even the most corrupt, corporate-purchased, law-breaking and cognitively challenged Board members should understand what this Petition says.

I think I have made it very clear in this memo that you and the entire Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board must now and forever cease and desist your and other Board members' multiple illegal, fraudulent and otherwise unethical activities.  You must also stop playing your illegal, antitrust and political games with patients' chart notes.  If you and the Board do not cease and desist to violate the rights of my patients and myself, then I will not hesitate to make the evidence against you available to the Governor and / or to initiate legal proceedings against the current members of the Board, and / or any other legal recourse available to me, as my attorney and I determine.

I strongly urge that each of the corrupt members of the Board submit letters of resignation to the Governor, so that he may appoint new Board members who understand the need to actually return to the long-abandoned, old-fashioned, nearly-forgotten duty to protect the public.

*     *     *

(Why did I write a memo, rather than a letter?  Because I refuse to address people who commit the above-mentioned actions as "Dear," a little quirk of mine.)

Here are the members of the Arizona Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board as of the events in this article.   Not all of these individuals took all of the actions described below. May each of the following names always be associated with each of their words and deeds.

That's where the matter stands at present.   If you wonder how I have put up with three consecutive years of slow-drip targeted harassment, which would drive most people over the edge of despair, I have to say that I am resilient in some ways, mostly thanks to the abundant materia medica of my profession, one that is dedicated to appreciating the vast array of molecular and even non-molecular interactions between humans and the rest of the planet.  Therefore, I haven't lost much sleep on the matter, and am apparently not defeated yet. 

However, if anything bad does happen to me, someone please be sure to subpoena all the bank accounts of the crooks to see if there is a common payor who wanted to get rid of me. 

I will post updates to this site as they happen, God willing.

- - -

Colleen Huber, NMD is author of the books Manifesto for a Cancer Patient, Choose Your Foods Like Your Life Depends On Them and The Defeat Of COVID, all on Amazon.