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Coronavirus: Germany plans new COVID-19 testing rules for travelers -- report


German Health Minister Jens Spahn is planning compulsory coronavirus tests for travelers entering the country, regardless of where they travel from, Funke Media Group reported on Tuesday.

The ministry is aiming for "an expansion of test requirements upon entry as quickly as possible," according to a document seen by the media group. The goal is to curb the recent rapid rise in infections, especially with the highly contagious delta variant.

Currently, air passengers and people entering from high-risk areas are obliged to provide a negative test or proof that they have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from an infection.

Compulsory testing already in the works

The new rule would set a blanket requirement, not just limited to high-risk areas or certain types of transport, the report said. But it is unclear whether the change would apply to fully vaccinated people.

"The coordination in the government on this is underway," a Health Ministry spokesperson told Reuters.

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