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The ACLU goes full retard - says 2nd Amendment is racist - black gun owners respond

• Daily Caller

Founder of Black Guns Matter Maj Toure told the Daily Caller claims the Second Amendment is racist is a tactic to "brainwash black people into believing that having the means to defend themselves is nefarious."

"I think gun control is racist, not the Second Amendment," Toure said.

"I think the Second Amendment was to remind folks to keep your government in check. The lack of civic understanding is the reason why some of these attempts to distort the meaning can be made because the general public isn't as on top of civics as they should be," he continued.

"I think it's a stretch to say 'anti-blackness determined the inclusion of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights,' the Second Amendment is designed to put the government on watch," he added. "The First Amendment says you can say what you want, and the Second Amendment says you can defend what the fuck you just said. I don't think 'anti-blackness' played a part in the framing. But that's not to say there weren't people who used guns for the wrong reasons. I think it was about checking government, not anti-blackness."

Toure's statement was echoed by Mychael Waller, who used his legally owned firearm to defend himself in 2019.

"I had to use a firearm to defend myself because I have seen the other side most people won't. I don't see the Second Amendment as racist. I was given that right by God and I exercised that right. The Second Amendment gave me that right as well. I had that right to defend myself. Without the Second Amendment, without God, my son and I would not be here today. That isn't 'anti-blackness'."