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The Coming Vaccine Mandates in America and How to Fight Them


As bad as the movie Batman v. Superman was, there's a line in it that I often loosely quote, usually sarcastically. "If we believe there is an even 1% chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty." The line was ridiculous in the movie and even more ridiculous when applied to real life, but considering how ridiculous everything in real life is becoming, we have to consider the possibility that our government will apply this thinking to Covid-19.

Unfortunately, they won't do so sarcastically.

The general messaging coming out of DC, mainstream media, academia, Big Tech, and an uncomfortable number of private businesses across the country is that a disease with a 99.97% recovery rate for otherwise healthy people under 50-years-old must influence every action we take in our lives. It has devastated the economy, prompted dramatic spikes in suicides and drug overdoses, closed down businesses, curtailed the education of millions of children, and changed the collective psyche of the nation. But you knew all of this. Now, let me tell you something you may not know.

Compulsory vaccines are coming to America. Unlike countries like Israel who did it wholesale, our coming vaccine mandates will trickle in.

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