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A man used AI to bring back his deceased fiancée.

• by Margaux MacColl

A man used artificial intelligence to create a chatbot that mimicked his late fiancée.

The groundbreaking AI technology was designed by Elon Musk's research group OpenAI.

OpenAI has long warned that the technology could be used for mass misinformation campaigns.

After Joshua Barbeau's fiancée passed away, he spoke to her for months. Or, rather, he spoke to a chatbot programmed to sound exactly like her. 

In a story for the San Francisco Chronicle, Barbeau detailed how Project December, a software that uses artificial-intelligence technology to create hyperrealistic chatbots, re-created the experience of speaking with his late fiancée. All he had to do was plug in old messages and give some background information, and suddenly the model could emulate his partner with stunning accuracy.