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If I Ran The Circus

• by L. Neil Smith

They're having too much fun, running and ruining our lives for us and taking care of us to death. Democracy means that we are ruled by the fools and idiots and criminals of our choice. In my view, this is not progress; how about not being ruled?

The better part of seventy years later, I'm still convinced that I was right about this way back in 1954. Politicians see problems as an endless source of opportunity and solved problems as the direst of threats. If need be, they'll invent new problems they can pretend to solve so we'll vote for them.

I've been thinking lately about foreign policy. Not my favorite subject, but the professionals in the field are such incompetent buffoons that I can't help myself. For example, everybody claims to worry about Iran. And yet, that's the easiest problem of all to solve. The Islamist mullahs control a whole nation full of "captive peoples" who were just getting used to the 20th century, and don't want to be bundled back into the Dark Ages, especially women. The Ayatollahs must be looking constantly over their shoulders. World War Two and the Guide Lamp division of General Motors gave us the solution: Liberator Pistols, simple, rugged single-shot weapons that could be produced cheaply and air-dropped by the millions on the general population of Nazi-occupied Europe to alter the "balance of power". The overly-fastidious Dwight Eisenhower thought they were aw icky for some typically stupid reason, but they could have significantly shortened the war, saving American lives by the thousands. A simple, reliable, plastic automatic pistol would be easy to design and produce these days. Are you going to tell a woman that she can't wear lipstick or be outside by herself if she's armed?