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Learn The Truth About EV Range And Towing: How Far Can You Go?

•, By: Steven Loveday

Many people wonder how many miles of range their electric car will get while towing. While this isn't a question with a definitive answer, there's a whole lot of information out there to help understand the situation.

First of all, we have to talk about EV range in general. There's no way to put a finger on precisely how much range your electric car will travel on a single charge, but you can get a pretty close idea. The EPA's estimated range is an excellent starting point, though we've proven time and time again that it's not necessarily accurate based on each individual's driving habits, travel routes, etc. The specific EV you own also plays a role in how accurate the EPA estimate tends to be, which is covered in detail in the video.

You can consult multiple sources for actual real-world range tests. At InsideEVs, we drive every EV at a constant 70 mph until the battery dies. This lets you compare every electric car we've tested, and also see how our tests compare to EPA estimates. Still, factors such as weather – especially temperature and wind – as well as terrain, uphill and downhill travel, traffic, regenerative braking, and many other factors will impact your actual range.

With all of that said, there's arguably nothing that may impact your EV's range as much as towing. While towing also affects the range and fuel economy of gas-powered vehicles, owners don't seem to pay nearly as much attention. When their vehicle gets low on gas, they simply fill up and proceed.