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Bridging the Supply Gap

• by Eric

I've written previously about the many merits of motorcycles – leaving aside the fun of riding. A motorcycle  uses less gas than a hybrid car and costs far less to buy. It will also never need a new battery (other than its starter battery) and you will still be able to start it even if it doesn't have a charge. Or a kick starter, for that matter. 

Most motorcycles are so light that they can be easily rolled to the nearest hill and then all you have to do is get on, pull the clutch in, roll it down the hill and release the clutch once you're rolling to get the engine running.

And you won't even need to do that if you have a good battery. Get an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery for your bike now and you ought not to have to worry about roll-starting it for years, even if the grid goes down.