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'Bog Out' Turns Your Wheel Into a Winch, Gets You Unstuck From Anything


BOG OUT turns your wheels into winches. It is a 3.5 tonne, 4.5 m long harness designed to capture a driven wheel and can be used in almost all vehicle recovery situations.

BOG OUT Pro Pack (Twin)

BOG OUT 3.5 TONNE TWIN PACK + 2 x 15MTR Super Rope Extensions + 4 x 4.5 TONNE Soft Shackles – TOTAL SAVING $134

For the more serious 'off roader' the award winning BOG OUT twin pack will suit better because this model allows users to turn either both front or both rear wheels into winches, giving the vehicle a massive haul potential of around 7 tonnes!

Two BOG OUT's come with:

2 handy 'Back-Sack' bags

4 BOG OUT soft shackles for convenient, easy extension rope connection

along with 4 red connector ties

plus two 15mtr Super Rope Extensions (3T / rope)

and comprehensive User Guide.

The BOG OUT Super Pro Twin Pack plus 2 x 15mtr Super Rope Extensions @$79 instead of $158 plus 4 x BOG OUT soft shackles @$41 instead of $58.  TOTAL SAVE $134

BOG OUT Single


At the centre of the BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery System is the actual award winning  'BOG OUT' device.

Comes with:

the handy 'Back-Sack' bag

along with 2 red connector ties

and comprehensive User Guide.


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