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Oregon Congressman Proposes SPACE Tax To Penalize Billionaires Who Pay To Go To Space

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

Authored by Jeff Reynolds via,

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) hates billionaires spending their money. But he really, REALLY hates billionaires spending their money to go to space. Long a liberal backbencher jealous of the attention earned by upstarts in "the squad," Blumenauer made a big announcement after Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson went to space this month. He hates the idea so much that he wants to tax it.

Blumenauer, who almost always sports a green bicycle lapel pin while on the floor, routinely runs unopposed for reelection in deep blue Portland. His effectiveness isn't nearly as important for his constituency as the grandstanding he does. So when he appears to stand up to the 1%, he garners over 70% of the vote in his district.