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World's 2nd-largest steel producer to begin making green steel by 2025

• by Loz Blain

Multinational giant ArcelorMittal produced around 5 percent of the world's steel supply in 2019. It's been the world's biggest steel producer for more than a decade, only knocked off that perch thanks to a huge drop in production in 2020. And it's just signed an MoU on a billion-Euro joint investment with the Spanish government to build what it says will be the "world's first full-scale zero carbon-emissions steel plant," to go into production making around 1.6 million tons by 2025.The plant will decarbonize both key carbon-emitting steps in the steel production process – the reduction of iron, typically done with baked coal known as coke, and the blast furnace, which is typically coal-fired. Green hydrogen will be used as the reducing agent, in a giant 2.3 million-tonne direct reduced iron unit, and the company will build a 1.1 million-tonne hybrid electric arc furnace for the second step, to be powered by renewable electricity.