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How to Stay Clean While Camping (Hygiene Tips)

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We've all been there. You've been hiking for quite a while when something unsavory hits your nostrils. You notice flowers wilting as you walk by. Your friend is keeping their distance. 

So you consider that dreaded question – is that stench me?

Besides worrying about what others may think of you, exercising proper hygiene is actually crucial for staying safe.

Keeping bacteria from building up where it shouldn't be is key to a comfortable, rewarding hiking experience. 

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How to Stay Clean While Camping

How to Stay Clean While Camping (Hygiene Tips) 1

Stay clean.

Cleaning yourself (especially your dirty feet) and your dirty clothes properly prevents skin issues, such as rashes or chafing.

Good personal hygiene is especially important if you're spending more than a few days outdoors. So here's just about everything you need to know about how to stay clean while camping.

1. Your Clothes

Even if you're camping for only a few days, you still need to pack a minimum of two outfits. Underwear and socks in particular are items that need to be changed every day.

Of course, you only have enough room in your pack, so here's where the strategy comes in.

To minimize your clothes getting that raw odor, choose hiking clothes and socks with synthetic materials, wool, nylon, or spandex material that wicks moisture. Cotton absorbs sweat and dries slowly in general, even after washing it.