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Icelandic Study Suggests Government Workers Are Unnecessary

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Authored by Joakim Book via The American Institute for Economic Research,

A lie can get around the world faster than truth can get its pants on, according to the adage apocryphally connected to Mark Twain or Winston Churchill (or Jonathan Swift). 

One such kind of lie, or at least obfuscation, is what I call "progressive pop news" – pieces of news, usually quasi-academic studies or gripping anecdotal evidence, that pertain to confirm the long-held biases of progressives. They often have to do with environmental news (think the Arctic, or melting glaciers), but can be anything from the wonders of racial equities or gender-diverse corporate boards to the success of minimum wage laws. In the case of last week, our beloved progressives found issues with the nature of work itself – and the evil corporations that have us work too much, for too little pay. 

We should therefore work less, for the same pay (also known as a raise). 

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