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The Scamdemic Was So Last Year . . . Here's What's Coming Next (Publisher Recommended)

• James Corbett - The Corbett Report

It's invisible but deadly. It infects the air we breathe. We are all part of the problem.

SARS-COV-2? Oh, please. That's so 2020. I'm talking about the next invisible bogeyman, the one that will see the transformations started by the scamdemic through to their [completely il]logical conclusion: the complete control of the movements, interactions and economic activity of every individual on the planet.

Yes, in case you missed the memo, the steps are already being taken to sweep the fear porn excesses of the scamdemic era under the rug, with the mockingbird MSM dinosaurs dutifully reporting that "Covid Counting Enters New Era" and that many states are "scaling back" their daily COVID-19 updates.

Of course this is not the end of the biosecurity paradigm. The "new scariants" of the invisible bogeyman will be popping up to terrify the populace as needed for the foreseeable future and, as Mr. Scamdemic himself, Bill Gates, announced before he was so unceremoniously thrown under the bus by his globalist pals, Pandemic II is just around the corner. No, the biosecurity paradigm will be with us for a good while yet, I'm afraid.

But having said that, there is another hobgoblin that will soon eclipse the deadly COVID monster in the imagination of the populace. One that's been around for decades, waiting for its chance to terrify the public into a Great Reset as we plunge into the New World Order. And that monster is . . .

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I have lost too many people for COVID-19 to be a "scamdemic" as you call it.