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Live Updates: Elon Musk On Trial Over Solar City Acquisition

• Zero Hedge

We will be updating this post with notes and analysis as the trial progresses:

Tuesday, 7/13/2021

0915 EST: Court is set to resume at 9:15 AM EST. 

0814 EST: Ari Levy, Senior Technology Editor for CNBC, told WGRZ yesterday about Solar City that "It was burning cash - it was a very capital intensive business. It wasn't clear what their path to profitability was at the time. And so the view by many shareholders was that well this was actually a bailout of Solar City. It was Elon bailing out himself and his family members by pulling Solar City into Tesla."

0800 EST: Testimony from Elon Musk is expected to continue today, followed by testimony by his brother, Kimbal Musk.