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Hedge Fund CIO On The DeFi Revolution

• by Tyler Durden

"Revolutions are defined by the revolutionaries," said Marcel Kasumovich, our head of research. "History may find them after the fact, but we are living with them in real time. It started with Satoshi's anonymity. This is part of the revolutionary design. Components of the Bitcoin protocol were invented long before Satoshi brought it together in a single, stable protocol. Adam Back created hash-cash that is the currency unit of the Bitcoin protocol. Satoshi is the Picasso, the creative genius, transforming buckets of paint into an enduring philosophy. Perhaps Satoshi understood there was no timetable for success. It could take days, years, or decades to inspire a generation. The anonymity of Satoshi allows the group to live forever. We are all Satoshi."

"It is not your average youth movement. It will not be defined by a noisy twitter debate or clever memes," continued Marcel, placing this moment in historical context. "Vitalik Buterin was inspired by Satoshi, and the Ethereum protocol is going through its most profound transformation since its inception only a short six years ago. Would Satoshi have agreed with the Buterin fork? It is not the point. Splinters in the revolution are precisely part of the creative process; if you are not breaking things on the path to innovation, you are not doing it right. Then there is Stani Kulechov. A student of law in Helsinki Finland with an interest in programming who discovered the world of fintech through the lens of the Ethereum protocol and the smart contracts it could employ. ETHLend was created in 2017, and it is better known as the leading lending protocol of Aave."