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My One Week SHTF-Style Experiment to Cut Down Water Use

• by 1stMarineJarH

So, I decided for one week I would do everything I could to reduce my personal water usage. Things like brushing my teeth, washing my hands, cooking, cleaning, etc. I used the following SHTF assumptions to enact a realistic event: 

It has NOT gone all MadMax-like. No, my senior citizen neighbors have not come over and shot the wife and me to take our things. No MZBs marauding the countryside, raping and pillaging. 

Likely no fuel. I will hang up the ATV keys and tend to the livestock manually. I have to hump water in two 5gal buckets out to them. Every. Day. That is about six buckets a day in total. ( FYI, a gallon of water weighs 8.33lbs. So a 5gal bucket weighs 41.65lbs. )

Walking the dog, hauling water to the livestock will simulate the amount of activity that will have to be done in a SHTF situation. It has got to get done, SHTF or not.

Before I give you the details of how my experiment went, here's my personal experience with water shortages.