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This Document Will Remove All Doubt That Concentration Camps Await All Patriotic Americans

•, Dave Hodges

However, I would ask for patience because most Americans are grossly unaware that our nation has been taken over by Bolshevik Communists. The roundups and executions are coming! How do know? The following documents make it clear what is coming. Further, anyone with any sense of history knows that communists like to round up people and execute them. That's what communists do. The demonic spirits of Hitler, Mao and Stalin loom large over an unsuspecting America. 

Over the past 18 months, I have received numerous invitations to appear on radio programs and to speak at select conferences on the topic of CHICOM soldiers that are both in our country and just on the other side of the border. Prior to 18 months ago, I was scorned, ridiculed and mocked for my statements regarding the disposition of Chinese and Russian troops and the threat they posed to America. And if the truth be told, Steve Quayle wasactually the first to reveal this threat to America.