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Liberals Now Want You to Give Up Air Conditioning for the Environment

•, by John Hawkins

In a nutshell, the conclusion of the article is that we shouldn't fix it, we should get rid of it. The author complains:

"The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. Ensuring that the most vulnerable among the planet's human inhabitants can keep cool through better access to public cooling centers, shade-giving trees, safe green spaces, water infrastructure to cool, and smart design will not only enrich our cities overall, it will lower the temperature for everyone. It's far more efficient this way.

To do so, we'll have to re-orient ourselves to the meaning of air-conditioning. And to comfort. Privatized air-conditioning survived the ozone crisis, but its power to separate—by class, by race, by nation, by ability—has survived, too. Comfort for some comes at the expense of the life on this planet.

It's time we become more comfortable with discomfort. Our survival may depend on it."

In other words, if you want to save the planet, go wait in line to sit in a fountain under a shade tree. No word on if TIME magazine plans on ceasing the use of AC at their offices anytime soon.