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Patreon Is Bankrolling Climate Change Deniers While We All Burn

•, David Gilbert

As large parts of the U.S. Northwest and Canada are experiencing a historic "heat dome," extreme droughts, and wildfires, climate change deniers are making thousands of dollars on Patreon by spreading conspiracies to their followers about an impending ice age.

A new report provided exclusively to VICE News by Advance Democracy, a nonprofit that conducts public-interest research and investigations, identified at least half a dozen major influencers who are spreading the false claim about an impending ice age that will fix the Earth's global warming crisis. And they're making thousands of dollars every month by doing so.

"The spread of climate misinformation is prolific on social media, as well as on sites like Patreon, where users are actually financially compensated through the platform for spreading falsehoods," Daniel Jones, president of Advance Democracy, told VICE News.