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Tucker Carlson Interview with mRNA Vaccine Inventor who Warns Against COVID Vaccines for Children

•, Fox News

Dr. Malone strenuously objected to the lack of rigorous data collection making it impossible to do a proper risk benefit analysis. He said that the risk to minors under 18 years old was too high to recommend mRNA COVID vaccines. Dr. Malone appeared in a podcast earlier this week that was deleted off of Youtube, as social media platforms are censoring criticism of COVID vaccines.
The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that COVID-19 vaccines are not safe for children and more data is needed. The CDC has confirmed that there is a link between COVID vaccines and myocarditis heart inflammation. Tucker Carlson also revealed that there is zero data to support Dr. Fauci's claim that COVID vaccines are more effective than natural immunity. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Biden's health advisor, advocated for mandating COVID-19 vaccines. Tucker Carlson queried that if someone has been vaccinated, why would they need to worry about others aound them being vaccinated if the vaccines work?

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