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Johnny Hurley - Activist, Chef, Musician, Community Pillar Killed By Police...

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From We Are Change Colorado, as friends of Johnny Hurley
June 23, 2021

Dear friends, activists, and liberty lovers, especially all of you brave souls who make up We Are Change Colorado, past and present....

One of our most cherished leaders and good friends, Johnny Hurley aka Johnny Verbal, was involved in a shooting in Arvada on Monday, June 21, where he fearlessly and valiantly put his body and will in front of an active shooter, stopped that shooter, defending many innocent souls, and then apparently lost his life at the hands of an arriving police officer. By all accounts he was a genuine hero, and many people present at the scene said the actions he took saved many lives. A death worthy of Valhalla, regardless of our personal beliefs.

The outpouring of love and support we are getting is really incredible. We all need to talk, and to mourn, and celebrate his life and friendship.

And we need to know what happened.

Who was Johnny Hurley

We cannot say enough how much this loss has devastated and shocked our community. So many of us are reeling from this unexpected loss. Johnny was so many things to all of us, a good friend, leader, activist, musician, organizer, lover of freedom, and someone who wanted to help, educate, and defend everyone's freedoms & lives, regardless of the consequences. He lived what he thought, walked his talk.

We can actually allow Johnny to introduce himself:

In 2009 I met up with We Are Change Colorado at a street action outside my restaurant on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, CO. [...] Finally! These were my people! I jumped immediately in and we had many great successes in spreading messages of truth and freedom. Some close calls, some failures, but all great times, always in the name of free humanity. I believe that we have certainly been effective in putting out our messages and that we have made a difference in people's lives.

Now I, as so many, many folks have, come full circle (pun intended) back to the Anarchy symbol; to an understanding of Natural Law, of the non-aggression principle, of Libertarian values. Though it may be great folly to think that you have come to the end of your path to truth, that you finally have all the answers and you now "get it", I feel that this is a further awakening for myself and a lot of folks. It feels almost as liberating again as the first time to know that I own myself, and that this whole charade of government is one big fat lie, and that there's really no need to bother with it anymore.

Feel free to learn more about Johnny via his Instagram, or a few of his blog posts:

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