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11 Easy and Exciting Arduino Projects to Teach Your Kids Electronics


Arduino projects for kids prove electronic tasks don't have to be difficult and frustrating. Instead, they make children curious about gadgets, so they develop a special interest in technology.

Most projects require basic components like jumper wires, breadboards, motors, LEDs, and sensors, all of which are safe and readily available. Here are 11 easy-to-tackle Arduino projects for kids that will help them make good use of their free time.

1. Electronic Dice

The electronic dice project is an excellent start for kids since it requires little to no electrical know-how. You'll need seven LEDs, jumper wires, resistors, and Arduino or Arduino clone. The components are easy to use, so kids won't get bored trying to handle a complicated setup.

Through this task, children can understand how circuits work, which will help them solve real-world problems in the future. The LEDs light up and stop at a random number once you press the button. It's best to purchase LEDs with your kid's favorite colors to make the project more exciting.