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How to Install a Flat Screen TV in an RV

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Let's face it. When out on an RV trip, sometimes we need a break from all that nature. In these cases, it helps to have a television handy to relax and binge-watch a great show or movie.

Yes, there are TVs specifically built with vibration-resistant technology for RV use that protect it from vibration and extreme temperatures. Not just any high definition flat screen television can endure all those bumpy roads along your journey. 

However, mounting your flat screen will greatly extend the life of your electronics while also opening up that precious counter space. So, I say out with the old tv and in with the new tv that saves storage space!

Here's a guide on the different kinds of mounts and how to install a flat-screen TV in an RV.

Before You Buy Anything

The type of TV RV owners mount depends on where in the RV they place it.

So first choose a spot on the RV wall and make sure it has a power source to plug in. 

Next, you'll need to measure that space. Keep in mind the typical size of an RV TV ranges 19 to 40 inches, and that size is measured across the screen diagonally, not across.