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UFOs Are Real: It's Time to Talk About Gray Privilege

• by David Gornoski

Before resigning, Elizondo helped to secure the release of three military-recorded videos of these phenomena that has stirred unprecedented media attention to the subject. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has an interest in the subject and secured funding for investigations into the matter which led to Elizondo running the Pentagon program AATIP, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Elizondo says he resigned because the Pentagon bureaucracy was not taking the matter seriously. That technology of unknown origin is hovering around the air space of the world's leading military power with impunity, dwarfing our scientific understanding, and even interacting with our nuclear arsenal could well be the biggest story in human history. In anticipation of the imminent Pentagon report to Congress that may disclose further information they have on the matter, I believe it is crucial to utilize the finest intellectual apparatus we have in our culture to examine this threat, Critical Race Theory, to understand what must be done.