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SpaceX threatened with arrests as local authorities in Texas warn it may have committed a crime --

• by Tyler Sonnemake

Texas officials warned SpaceX it might have committed crimes by closing public roads, KGRW reported.

In a letter, Cameron County DA Luis Saenz accused SpaceX of knowingly ignoring previous warnings.

Saenz called the conduct "unacceptable" and threatened arrests for future violations.

Local authorities have accused SpaceX of violating the law by attempting to block access to public roads around its spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas, according to the KGRW reporter Rudy Mireles.

SpaceX's security staff may have broken Texas laws against obstructing public roads and impersonating a public official — Class B misdemeanor and third-degree felony violations, respectively — Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz wrote in a letter to SpaceX, according to Mireles.