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What Happened to

•, By Cecilia Hwung

The service branded itself as the "Life Videopedia." It was born out of the idea that "any solution can be explained in no more than 5 minutes."

Notwithstanding the argument by the creators of that any solution can be explained in less than five minutes, attempting to find their website today is a task that will take well over five minutes. In fact, the website is no longer publishing.

What could have happened to the site that once promised to give "each [video] creator a personal promotional studio – a space to showcase their skills and share their secrets"? We took some time to find out what happened to by following its history, services, and acquisition by AOL.

The History of was established in 2007 in Israel by Ran Harnevo, Tal Simantov, and Hanan Laschover. It had offices in Tel Aviv, but its headquarters were in New York City.

According to an archived page of, the website was established based on the philosophy "that everyone is an expert in something and has something to teach others." The platform was therefore designed to provide an opportunity for individuals to showcase their expertise.