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Behind the RV Backlog: Why they're sold out for the next year or more

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As they say, it's complicated. And very frustrating to the industry. Even more frustrating for those who wanted to buy and go traveling in an RV this year.

Here's the video version, from our RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube:

But the main reason is the continuing shortage of parts and chassis and the unprecedented, overwhelming demand for new RVs. Quite frankly, most of the major manufacturers are sold out!

The RV Backlog and Dealer Shortages is unprecedented

Let's start with a vivid example of how big this problem is. The numbers from Thor Industries -the world's largest RV manufacturer – are staggering.

Thot's CEO, Bob Martin, was brutally honest in an interview he did with CNBC last week. He said they have $14 billion in backorders for new RVs. Let me say that again: $14 BILLION…with a B.

They are SOLD OUT for the next year

Thor Industries is the company that owns many popular brands including Airstream, Jayco, Dutchmen, Heartland, Hymer, Keystone and many others. It makes tow-able trailers and RVs of all shapes and sizes.

Martin said that demand took off during the pandemic, and it keeps growing day-by-day.. In the US and in Europe, Martin said they are unable to build units fast enough and that what they do build are promised to customers who have been waiting, sometimes for months. As a result, inventory on RV dealer lots is extremely low.

It's not just Thor. This is happening across North America.