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Web-Father Sir Tim Berners Lee to Auction Internet Source Code as an NFT


The creator of the modern internet—the world wide web—Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is set to sell the internet's original source code as a truly unique NFT. Sir Berners-Lee will donate the proceeds from the non-fungible token sale to various charities he and his wife, Lady Berners-Lee, patronize.

Although the initial NFT craze has died down since its early 2021 hysteria, the chance to claim ownership of one of the world's most unique digital collectibles will still capture the imagination of many potential owners, even outside the crypto-sphere.

Own a Piece of the Internet—Literally

The announcement that Sir Tim would auction off the source for the world wide web (WWW) has surprised many observers.

Famously, he refused to patent the original source code, reasoning that the internet (and the world wide web as we know it) were an invention that should remain free from commercial interests and that only then could everyone truly enjoy everything it has to offer.

Now, Sotheby's auction house presides over the sale of four individual items combined to create a single NFT.

The world wide web NFT will include the original time-stamped files of the project source code, an animated visualization of that code, a unique letter from Sir Tim regarding the development process, and another unique digital poster of his creation.