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Unauthorized SQL software found installed in Michigan and Pennsylvania...

•, Bruce Pie

Analysts discovered the Microsoft SQL database on their Dominion voting machines during an election audit in Pennsylvania's Fulton County earlier this year.

According to the Fulton County report, the experts who conducted the evaluation discovered that there was "no valid reason" for the program to be deployed. They further claimed that Dominion had failed to complete the necessary software paperwork.

This unauthorized software might be used to steal elections, according to reports. Anyone with access to the program can manipulate the votes to get the desired outcome.

This is the identical program discovered on the Dominion machines by Michigan Attorney Matthew Deperno's expert, reports the GatewayPundit.

The program lets anybody with credentials update database variables directly to alter the election's results while leaving no trace. The Dominion system looks for values in the database and utilizes whatever it finds. It's not in the logs or other election-related auditing records that you'd expect to see.