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How to Water Your Garden (Even If There's a Drought)

• Organic Prepper - Jayne Rising

Garden planning needs to include some consideration of how to efficiently water your garden. Methods will vary depending upon size and siting, among other things. If your garden is a few pots on your apartment lanai, bringing it a few pitchers full every day, or even twice per day, shouldn't be a problem.

But what if you have a large garden in your yard or even a Community Gardens plot? My garden, for example, is five raised beds, three-yard areas, and a deck holding twelve containers of various sizes. That's more than a few pitchers!

Erica Nygaard recently published the pdf book, "The Dirty Truth About Homesteading." Even though its directed at those wanting to start a homestead, she does offer actionable points on garden planning and food production. This guide would be helpful for anyone who wants to produce what they consume.