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1619 Project's Nikole Hannah-Jones was paid $50,000 by Oregon Education Department...

•, Christopher Eberhart

The Oregon Education Department (ODE) paid for the seminars out of funds for the The Every Day Matters program, which helps identity and solve students' root causes for missing school. 

The polarizing Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter was also paid $25,000 for an online Zoom lecture given to the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, The World Socialist Web Site reported in April. 

Both speaking gigs were revealed in separate Freedom of Information requests by the the right-wing news outlet Campus Reform and the activist group Oregonians for Liberty in Education. 

The hefty price tags on both events have come under scrutiny given that Hannah-Jones' notoriety stems almost exclusively from her 1619 project - which has been widely panned by some historians for containing inaccuracies.   

During one of the seminars, Chris Riser, an Oregon teacher who was reportedly suspended for a Black Lives Matter walkout, asked Jones why the facts in her project were important for students of European descent, according to Fox.