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Removing Bug Splatter from your RV

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And in the process, we erased stuck-on yucky bug splatter we have collected from five states over the past few weeks.

It really works!

Here's a video we did showing us washing our RV after a long road trip.

Why removing bug splatter is important

Removing Bug Splatter from your RV 1

Besides being unsightly, removing bug splatter is important if you want to protect the finish of your RV from unnecessary damage.

Dried-on, splattered insects often secrete an acid when they die. If it is left on a surface long enough they actually become part of the finish and can chip your paint when removed.

They also present a safety hazard, obscuring your vision.

Here's an example from a few years back when we were driving west on I-90 in South Dakota and ran into what we called a "bug blizzard." Some sort of insect had hatched in the wide open prairie land around us and it sounded like we were being pelted with small stones as they splattered across the windshield.