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Wall Street Giants Want to Be Your Landlord - Data Shows Megabanks Are Buying...

•, by Jamie Redman

Homebuyers in the United States have found difficulties acquiring single-family homes after the year-long business shutdowns and lockdowns that followed Covid-19. It seems there's a new wave of homebuyers in the U.S. real estate market, with buyers stemming from hedge funds, pension funds, clearinghouses, and financial services companies. The weight of real estate property under the U.S. banking system's wings today has analysts and economists very concerned about the next financial crisis.

Wall Street Bankers Are Buying up All the Single Family Homes in the US, New Breed of Buyers Pay 20 Percent Above Asking

While the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have told American citizens the nation's economy is hunky-dory, investigators looking at statistics know something is not right. The public is well aware that the U.S. central bank increased its monetary supply more in 2020 than any year prior in the country's history.

Following the infamous 'Black Thursday' on March 12, 2020, people might assume U.S. megabanks are carrying mountains of USD. Be that as it may, what's really going down is the Federal Reserve and the American banking cartel currently sits on top of massive heaps of mortgages, land titles, and an itch for single-family homes.