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Climate Engineering Causing Drought & Earthquakes Dane Wigington

•, By Greg Hunter

Now, large portions of the Western U.S are being hit with earthquakes.  Wigington contends that science shows the rash of earthquakes in the West are linked to climate engineering.  One example is the earthquake in Fukushima in 2011.  The science is backed up by a report from MIT.  Wigington explains, "All this data is extremely verifiable.  The testimony from MIT is extraordinarily damming.  Their words were 'extremely anomalous heating directly above the epicenter in the days prior to the quake.' . . . The Fukashima meltdown was not intended, but when you trigger seismic activity on that scale, massive consequences happen. . . . The ability to cause seismic activity with radio frequency microwave transmissions is very well documented scientifically. . . .