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What Does an Error 404 Mean? Fix the Page Not Found Error Message With These Tips


When the internet works as it should, it couldn't be more useful. Unfortunately, there are times when it simply refuses to do its job. You make a simple request and all you get in return is a vague error message. Case in point, the 404 error code.

The good news is that this problem can often be fixed. In this article, we will discuss exactly what the error 404 message means and more importantly, what you can do to fix it.

The error 404 message is one of the most common errors. It generally occurs when you try to visit a particular webpage and the server that you are contacting is unable to find it.

In technical terms, the error 404 message is an HTTP status code. It means that your browser has connected with the server, but the webpage you want to access cannot be reached.

This can occur when you request a page that either never existed on a website or one that has been moved and therefore given a different address.

Other names for this error include 404 File Not Found and 404 URL Not Found. Both mean the exact same thing.