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EXPOSED: Fauci knew back in early 2020 that covid vaccines threaten to enhance disease

• by Ethan Huff

Fauci was asked by University of Chicago research associate William J. Buikema on Feb. 28 of last year about why vaccines still in the early testing phase could not be used for emergency purposes to keep everyone "safe" against the Chinese Virus. Fauci's response was to instruct National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) deputy director Cristina Cassetti to inform Buikema that the jabs are basically promoters of disease.

"Please respond," Fauci wrote to Cassetti, along with, "Mention risk of enhancement."

We warned you about this back in May when scientists from New York University (NYU) and Tulane University published a paper revealing that Wuhan Flu shots promote anti-dependent enhancement, or ADE, which increases a person's risk of getting sick.