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8 {PURRfect} Tips for Including Cats in the RV Lifestyle

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Roaming the country with a dog doesn't require a lot of adjustment, but RV traveling with cats is a little more complicated. Cats need special handling and these 8 tips will help them be more comfortable in a mobile environment.

And a BIG thanks to all the members of our RV Lifestyle community who sent us pictures of their traveling cats! You'll see those all the way through this post.

Expert Tips For Cats in the RV Lifestyle

We have 8 official tips for cats in the RV Lifestyle but have also included a few from our community, too. If YOU have some ideas, please add them to the comments.

Tip #1: RV Travel and Cats

It is a good idea to start out small with your feline furbaby. Cats can be sensitive to vibrations and engine sounds, so just keeping them in the vehicle while it idles in your driveway is a good place to start getting her acclimated.

Some cats take RV travel in stride, but others will react with a range of panic attacks that include mewling, frantic attempts to escape, and car sickness.

Soothe your cat with petting, soft reassurance, and offers of its favorite cat treats. It may take anywhere from a few minutes to weeks for her to accept her new surroundings, so be patient.