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Covid-19 vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson has a LONG history of crimes, fines and violations...

•, by S.D. Wells

Let's start with the big guns, like J&J. Johnson & Johnson already had to pay $2.2 billion to resolve CRIMINAL and civil investigations, which according to court documents, included fines for paying out kickbacks to doctors and pharmacists for pushing J&J's toxic drugs on patients.

It's called healthcare fraud settlement, but it should be called premeditated health and life endangerment and stealth coercion of patients via doctors and pharmacists. All those found guilty should serve time in federal prison.

Many J&J products are not "safe and effective" but rather dangerous and harmful 

The safety of patients has been threatened, and the damage to public trust decimated by J&J. This monopolizing corporation must be held accountable, and by more than just their finances. These fines and penalties are just a fart in the wind compared to how much money they bankroll off selling and pushing deadly products, medicines, treatments and vaccines.