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Dr. Francis Collins On The U.S. Funding of the Wuhan Lab And Congressional Oversight

• Hugh Heweitt News

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins joined me this morning for some candid conversation about NIH and the Wuhan Institute of Virology:




HH: Joined now by Dr. Francis Collins of the National Institute for Health. Hello, Dr. Collins. How are you again?

FC: I am just fine. How are you this morning?

HH: I'm great. I'm dog sitting, so you've got an extra person in the studio with me this morning. Dr…

FC: I think, well, I'll try not to let my cat get on the screen, because we might have a problem.

HH: We would. We would. Dr. Collins, I want to start with trials and then go to trust, the "two T " interview. First of all, I got a bunch of questions from people who participated in trials when vaccine candidates were up. What is the advice NIH has for them on getting boosters or other vaccines, or if they did a trial that wasn't one that ended up working?

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