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Is Putin Walking into a Propaganda Trap?

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

The US media and the Democrat Party used the Trump/Putin Summit to blacken the event as where Putin "cemented his status and the status of Russia as US public enemy #1."

The American Establishment made certain the summit would fail. Three days prior to the summit the Department of Justice indicted 12 Russian GRU officers.  Two days prior to the summit Senate Democrats urged Trump to cancel the summit meeting.

CIA Director John Brennan said that the press conference following the summit showed that Trump exceeded "the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump's comments imbecile, Trump is wholly in the pocket of Putin."

In other words, the Democrat Party, the US military/security complex, and the American media considered Trump's meeting with Putin an act of treason.  Regardless of whether anything good happened at the Trump/Putin Summit, the media presstitutes, Democrats, and CIA controlled the narrative.

The question before us is:  If it was treason for Trump to meet with Putin, why is it permissible for Biden to meet with Putin?

The answer perhaps is that the Biden/Putin Summit is a propaganda trap for the Kremlin.  Just as the Kremlin walked into a propaganda trap when it allowed Navalny to take his poison complaint to Germany, the Kremlin might be repeating the folly by agreeing to the meeting with Biden.

We know from reports of the pre-summit meeting of Lavrov and the US Secretary of State that Biden's agenda is a list of accusations against Russia.  In other words, Biden's intent is to hold Putin accountable.  Obviously, no improved relations can come from such a meeting unless Putin confesses to the accusations and promises to behave better in the future.  Otherwise Washington's narrative will be that the summit was a failure due to Putin's unreasonableness.  Putin wouldn't agree to stop poisoning people. Putin wouldn't agree to stop invading countries. Putin would not agree to stop interfering in elections.  Putin would not agree to stop cyber attacks.