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America's Housing Future Remains Murky At Best, Part 2: Government Mucks Up The Market

• by Bruce Wilds

To many Americans owning a home is part of something great. It is considered a symbol they have achieved the American dream. Houses also speak of a person's identity, individuality, and some homeowners feel it gives them more control over their future. 

This often boils down to people wanting or having more than one house for their private use or just one or two people living in a house far larger than can be considered logical. This can be counterproductive to the creation of an orderly and efficient life. An oversized or poorly planned home tends to make far greater demands on its owner than necessary. Still, our government continues to push the untested notion that home ownership is good for everyone and it is not.

Not only have we recently witnessed soaring home prices but we are seeing major distortions in home prices in different parts of the country. Much of this may be related to the influx of new money from companies such as, American Homes 4 Rent, which owns 54,000 houses, and historically low interest rates. This combined with concerns flowing from the Covid-19 pandemic has left many people wondering how the future will unfold and wanting to be well-positioned going forward.

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