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How to Design a Natural Disaster-Resistant Home

• Organic Prepper - Dirce Guerra

Every geographical region is associated with some type of natural disaster. Some areas are vulnerable to several. Therefore, there are many benefits to planning and building a natural disaster-resistant home.

According to the Insurance Information Institute: "there was an average of 520 natural catastrophes per year between 1989 and 2018. In 2019 alone, there were 820 — a nearly 58% increase from the average over the past three decades. Insured losses for damage caused by these natural disasters exceeded $82 billion. This statistic doesn't reflect the uninsured losses or incalculable losses of personal items like family photographs and other cherished objects.

The costs of NOT building a natural disaster-resistant home

Nature has no concern for roofs, walls, and foundations. Unfortunately, many construction firms have little concern about building housing to provide a robust defense against the natural disasters associated with their setting. Although builders must construct houses according to local code, that may not be enough for homebuyers looking for properties designed with Mother Nature's fury in mind. 

While $82 billion reflects the cost to insurance providers, the cost to individuals is more challenging to reflect. How does one measure the disruption to property owners' lives after they've lost everything and must live out of a hotel for months or longer?