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San Francisco Allows Children To 'Consent' To COVID Vaccines Without Parents Knowing

•, NewsWars and USA Today

Acting Health Officer Susan Philip decreed that within the city and county of San Francisco, allows minors age 12 and up to consent to receive any vaccine against COVID-19 that has been authorized by the FDA, via emergency authorization or fully approved, and it allows providers to administer the vaccines. The Order does require medical professionals to make reasonable attempts to contact the legal guardian or parent of a child, but notes that "If consent from a Legally Responsible Adult cannot reasonably be obtained, then the Vaccine Provider may administer a COVID-19 Vaccine to the Minor upon receipt of a Minor's consent." However, if a legally responsible provider objects, then the vaccine provider may not rely on the the Order to obtain the consent of the owner.

According to USA Today, parental consent is needed in most states except North Carolina, where all teenagers can receive vaccinations, in Tennessee and Alabama where those 14 and older don't need consent, and in Oregon where parental permission isn't required for those 15 and older. The rules are murkier in Iowa, where the outcome depends on the health care provider.

The City and County of San Francisco, California was issued an "Order of the Health Officer" that explicitly allows "minors to consent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine" and legally allows medical providers in the city to rely on that consent.

Order of the Health Officer No. C19-19 explicitly allows "minors to consent to receive the COVID-19 vaccine" and allows "vaccine providers in the city to rely on that consent" and the legal protections it affords. In the summary of the order, Acting Health Officer Susan Philip asserts that "Minors under the age of 18 are showing increasing numbers of infection" and notes that "California law does not generally allow such minors to consent to receipt of the vaccine" due to their age. Philip also notes that while many parents would consent to their child being vaccinated, "that is not true in all situations." Philips declares that, "It remains vital" that "every person, including minors, who wants to receive the vaccine be given the opportunity."