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Warm Weather in the Woods: How to Stay Cool When You're Hunting

• Organic Prepper

If you are an experienced whitetail hunter, you know it can be tempting to take advantage of warm-weather hunting (August-September). Temperatures can reach the 90s or higher, complete with bugs, sweating, and other warm-weather vagaries. Many hunters choose to wait the summer out, finding it simply too hot to bring the buck home. However, if you'd rather be out hunting as early as possible, no matter the conditions, follow these tips and tricks, from using a hunting blind to dressing for the heat to make your hunts as comfortable as possible.

It's Still the Summer: Stay Hydrated

No matter what you do, if you're going to be outside under hot weather for extended periods, you must keep yourself hydrated. Nothing is worse than needing to cut your hunting day short due to the effects of dehydration. (Just in case, here's some excellent advice from The Organic Prepper on how to harvest, treat and store water.) Properly hydrating yourself can help you stay in the hunt longer, keeping the fatigue and headaches at bay. Don't wait until you feel thirsty to drink water; drink one or two sips every half hour to maintain optimal hydration levels.

Keep several bottles of ice water in your bag for you to sip throughout the day, or purchase a backpack with an internal bladder system for a compact way to carry your water with you. For replenishing your electrolytes, add 100% fruit juice or a sports drink to your bag to enjoy alongside your mid-hunt snack.

Manage Your Layers

When attempting a hunt during the hotter part of the year without preparing for it, most hunters make the mistake of wearing too many layers. Consequently, they quickly overheat, becoming exhausted and sweaty, producing too much scent and, ultimately, not bringing anything home.