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Every Nerf Gun Could Be Turned Into "80% Or Greater Receiver" Under New ATF Rule

•, by Tyler Durden

Twitter user "00MEAT" said while the Biden administration is going after ghost guns and unserialized weapons. There could be a "list of consequences if every Nerf gun/foam dart gun were to suddenly become an 80% receiver, and if the ATF were to suddenly consider 80% receivers as firearms. I'll just let you imagine what the below image is." 

00MEAT continued: "I mean, think of the children, does the ATF really want to go after every kid once they have an 80% sbr?" 

With some fiddling around with basic computer-aided drafting software, 00MEAT was able to create the "Nerf .22 adapter," which could theoretically "make every foam dart gun everywhere into an 80% receiver." 

They even built a Nerf .22 adapter and attached it to the child's play weapon that can easily be bought at Walmart or Amazon. 

"There we go. Every nerf gun is now an 80% or greater receiver. If you have a kid with a nerf gun, please let the ATF know you don't want your kid charged with purchasing a firearm while under 21."

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