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How Much Internet Data Do I Need When Living Off Grid? (2021 Update)

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If you're like me and Jennifer, it doesn't matter where you go. Reliable internet is a necessity. This is especially true if you run an online business from the road. You don't want to have to rely on coffee shops to provide free wifi.

And if you're someone who happens to have young passengers on board, all the more reason to equip your RV with the best internet connections before venturing out into the wilderness. 

But don't worry. Off grid internet doesn't always mean a bad signal. 

Costs for data and technology have changed a lot since 2015. So here is a guide to determine how much data you use and what's out there to best fit your RV needs.

In terms of the amount of data you use for off grid internet, the true difference maker is the quantity and quality of video you watch.

For every hour of high definition streaming, estimate about 3 gigabytes. For low definition video, cut that all the way down to 1 GB per hour.

Just to give you some perspective, listening to 21 hours of only music equals the data of one hour of HD video streaming.

And basic web browsing and answering emails need far less. Even social media doesn't use a ton of data unless you're consuming a lot of video.

Don't forget video chatting, which is essential on the road, especially if you're working remotely. 

Using Zoom or FaceTime can set you back 1.6 GB an hour, with even more racked up for group chats. 

Since you don't want to be that person who looks all pixelated and freezes up while chatting, it's good to be prepared to meet your correct data needs before you travel.

If you're unsure how much data you use per month, you can call your service provider and ask for your average usage. 

Having this information will help you prepare for choosing the best off grid internet option for your RV.