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New Poll Shows How Riots Have Doomed Downtown Portland

•, Brad Polumbo

Riots rocked Portland, Oregon throughout 2020 and have continued in 2021. While some peaceful protesters advocated for justice in the wake of George Floyd's death, violent agitators escalated dozens of these protests into violent riots, doing more than $23 million in damage to businesses in downtown Portland.

New polling sheds light on just how long-lasting the economic and social consequences of this violence may be.

"Residents across the metro area say downtown Portland has become dirty, unsafe and uninviting and many anticipate visiting the city's core less often after the pandemic than they did before," the Oregonian reports in new coverage of a poll of 600 residents it conducted. "Asked for their perceptions of downtown, respondents frequently used words like 'destroyed,' 'trashed,' 'riots' and 'sad.'"

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