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Purge at the Pentagon: Outrage as Defense Secretary's woke race adviser plans trawl...

•, By Emily Crane

The pilot program, which is being created as part of the Biden administration's plan to crack down on domestic extremism, will result in the ongoing monitoring of military personnel for 'concerning behaviors', according to sources and internal documents obtained by The Intercept

The so-called 'concerning behaviors' haven't been explicitly identified, leading to concerns that social media commissars could squash protected free speech - just as 'Big Tech' has in some cases shut down opinion, such as when Facebook locked former President Donald Trump's accounts or when Amazon yanked hosting services from Parler, a social site frequented by conservatives

The program is being spearheaded by Bishop Garrison, a senior adviser to President Biden's Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who has previously said Trump and his supporters are racist and is an advocate for Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, which teaches that America is an inherently racist nation founded on slavery.